Sustainable Kitchen Designs

Häcker has a strict set of standards to adhere to—so naturally, we try to exceed these. We push boundaries to provide products that showcase our dedication to sustainability.

If we increase the quality and lifespan of our tools, we will live more efficiently, sustainably, and create healthier spaces for ourselves. We minimize waste in their construction and use these tools to create a safe environment for our future to thrive. We want to design a world that gives our families room to grow.

Our technology

Häcker embraces technology in our handicraft with the goal of longevity. We imagine kitchens that remain in your home for a lifetime, so fewer materials are thrown away.

PUResist water protection system
Humidity erodes cabinetry. Häcker’s PUResist water-repellant and resistant, formaldehyde-free glue protects the edges of your cabinets and drawers from moisture and creates a seamless appearance.

PURemission air protection system
All wood contains small amounts of formaldehyde. Häcker selects wood materials with the goal of providing completed kitchens that register under the permissible limit of formaldehyde.